We help organizations to increase the value from and for their customers by giving professional advice and implementing integrated, powerful and innovative software solutions.

Partnerland 2020


Who are we

BrixCRM has grown from a company that has years of experience and expertise in the field of CRM to a Customer Relationship Management specialist which enables organizations to successfully use customer data by creating powerful business insights. We offer organizations all-round services; from consultancy, implementation and maintenance, to projectmanagement, custom software design hosting and support.

We are looking for

We are always looking for new contacts to expand our network, explore new partnerships and business opportunities and connect with new markets, especially in Germany with the border of the Netherlands. We are really interested in the digital transformation of companies in that region and we can help with creating valuable insights out of customer data.


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Hosted by:

Britta Schneider, Consultant Foreign Economic Relations at IHK Nord Westfalen or Simon Boeing-Messing, Matchmaker at Internationales Netzwerkbüro.

Haven Noordzijde 129
Phone number: +31 88 10 20 600
Number of employees: 40


Edwin Siebum