KnowledgeRiver GmbH

We take care of the availability and performance of your IT services.

Partnerland 2020

KnowledgeRiver GmbH

Who are we

We simply don’t like news about broken IT Services. We help making IT Services more stable and reliable. Our software products are an important part of our services. Primarily KnowledgeRiver is a consulting company. We love to talk to people. We have always an eye on cost-efficiency and a good ROI (Return of Investment).

We are looking for

We are looking for partners worldwide. If you are a system integrators or if you operate data centers and huge IT services landscapes – talk to us. We offer PoCs and an attractive partner program.

 Your way to a reliable and high-performance Data Center Your way to a reliable and high-performance Data Center

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Hosted by:

Britta Schneider, Consultant Foreign Economic Relations at IHK Nord Westfalen or Simon Boeing-Messing, Matchmaker at Internationales Netzwerkbüro.

Maaraue 45
55246 Mainz-Kostheim
Phone number: +49 6134 5004869
Number of employees: 5


Sven Bittlingmayer