Our offer in one sentence: In the field of change communication and storytelling. I can help IT companies and of course others convey their changed or adapted business models to their customers and employees – in German and English.

Partnerland 2020


Who are we

Founded in 2019, shiseïs concentrates on small and medium-sized companies. Heart.Belly.Creative.Communication is my slogan. I listen to your challenges, ideas and visions and help you shape it into texts or communication strategies. Don’t lose your clients or employees while you are busy reshaping your business model. Better to act than to react.

We are looking for

Companies, especially SMEs, looking for a partner in communications. You experience change or feel you need to change due to recent events. You are not sure if you attract the right clients and employees and how to keep your staff informed during times of increased working from home. You like to think and act wholesome and therefore want to integrate comms into the process.


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Hosted by:

Britta Schneider, Consultant Foreign Economic Relations at IHK Nord Westfalen or Simon Boeing-Messing, Matchmaker at Internationales Netzwerkbüro.

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44137 Dortmund
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Nicole Schroer