XignSys GmbH

XignSys GmbH is an IT security startup that revolutionizes authentication.

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XignSys GmbH

Who are we

XignSys GmbH is an IT security startup that revolutionizes authentication. With the XignIn solution, users‘ smartphones become digital identities, enabling simple and secure authentication without passwords or additional hardware. Currently, 36 employees work alongside the 2 co-founders, financed by angel investments and orders.

The product XignIn is a functional package consisting of an authentication app and encrypted digital infrastructure. The app offers a secure login that uses modern security factors instead of a password. Registrations are made, for example, by scanning a QR code on the customer portal or via NFC at a door. RFID and Push are also possible. The solution unifies all authentications, since the solution can be used anywhere. Examples are secure multi-factor authentication for financial transactions, or for logging on to websites, PCs and as access control at the factory premises.

With the focus e-Government and Smart City the digital Citizen ID “XignIn City” is currently being developed for the state of NRW and its municipalities. The app provides the digital identity for the citizens and digitizes the tasks of the citizens‘ office. The adaptive structure of XignIn enables interoperability between the systems of municipalities, municipal utilities and companies, which means that the app also enables Smart City and mobility platforms.

One special feature is the newly created FlatCurve-App, which offers Corona-services including (1) Questionnaires (2) Integrated doctor appointments with waiting room and video chat (3) Information service (4) Infection chain control. This service profits from the security architecture of the XignIn base technology.

We are looking for

We are open for new contacts as customers, investors, resellers and networkers.
SMEs, Enterprises and governmental organizations can contact us any time and we will offer help and expertise regarding authentication, identification or digitalization in the fields IoT, data privacy, finances and health.
Municipalities and interested parties which need help with Corona can get access to FlatCurve.
Investors with a cyber security portfolio can reach out to us for more information.
Together we will digitize the world.

 XignSys - Wir schaffen das Passwort ab XignSys - Wir schaffen das Passwort ab

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Bochumer Straße 139
45886 Gelsenkirchen

Phone number: +49 209 883044 45
Number of employees: 38


Alexander Stöhr, Vice President of Operations